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Iranian Neuro-Oncology Group

Neuro-oncology Journals

In this section, we share top journals in neuro-oncology as well as books and other useful topics.


Here, some of the presentations in the neuro-oncology seminar (Sep 2021) are shared:

Molecular Profiling in Gliomas, by Dr. Keyvan Tayebi.


the book "How to Lie with Statistics" written by Darrell Huff is one of the best sellers in history with over 1.5 million English copies sold since 1954. it is an introduction to statistics pointing out the misuses. you can download it here.


This is a valuable book in the field of skull base surgery published by Thieme.

Chapter 12, written by our colleagues Mehdi Zeinalizadeh, Seyed Mousa Sadrhosseini et al. meticulously defines technical considerations in endoscopic management of basal encephaloceles.





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