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Iranian Neuro-Oncology Group

Ground Breaking Papers

In this section, we introduce the most important papers that have shaped the current practice of neuro-oncology:


This paper, published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol 18, No 3 (February), 2000 by Smith et al, added a very important predictor in the prognosis of oligodendroglioma. You can find the full text paper by clicking here.



In paper of Singh et al which was published in 2004 in Nature, they introduced “brain tumor initiating cells (BTIC)”. They showed that CD-133- positive cells as much as 100 cells can produce a brain tumor. You can find the full text by clicking HERE



A randomized study was published in Lancet in 2005 by Patchell et al. They showed that surgical decompression in spinal metastases is very effective. The group who underwent surgery plus radiotherapy showed better outcomes relative to patients who underwent radiotherapy alone. you can read the full text by clicking HERE.


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