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Dr's Name History Date
Amin Jahanbakhshi (Dr Gharibdoost, Radiation-Oncologist:) A 50 years old woman presented 9 months ago with visual loss in the left eye. She underwent surgery using pterional approach. Visual condition was not improved and after 8 months was deteriorated. The first neurosurgeon has referred the patient for radiotherapy. According to the preoperative and the last MRIs, what is the best management? Reoperation or Radiation? If radiation is your preference, what technique do you suggest? 8/26/2021 View
Amin Jahanbakhshi A 73 years old woman with a history of vertebral fracture for which she was followed from 4 years ago. She is now presented with left-sided hemiparesis from one month ago and she is wheelchair-bound for it. 7/17/2021 View
Amin Jahanbakhshi A 55 years old woman presented with hemifacial numbness. She had a history of brain surgery in 1997 for resection of a cavernous sinus tumor. Histopathological diagnosis was neurinoma. No adjuvant treatment was done. There are no new symptom or sign. Recently, she underwent imaging for fullness of ear. On imaging, there is a large infratemporal mass in continuity with intracranial cavernous sinus tumor. 7/6/2021 View
Amin Jahanbakhshi A 16 years old girl presented with complex partial seizures since 4 years ago, progressively become resistant to medications. On imaging there is a lesion in inferior surface of the left temporal lobe. She underwent surgical resection. Imaging and pathology report are provided here and surgical approach is presented in videos' section of the website: "http://neurosurgical-oncology.com/video%20detail.aspx?file=15" .please leave your comment according to the following questions. 6/30/2021 View
Amin Jahanbakhshi A 64 year old women presented with mild headache and numbness on the right side of her face. Neurological exam are otherwise normal.in imaging there is a mass in the right cavernous sinus. 6/21/2021 View

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